The 5 Best Silicone Cooking Utensils

Silicone Cooking Spoons

Have you been looking for the best silicone cooking utensils for your kitchen?

Traditional nylon, plastic or wood cooking utensils melt, warp, or flake into your food.  Everyday use can cause damage to them and allow toxins to enter your food. 

If you allow traditional cooking utensils to have extended contact with a very hot pan, they will melt because they are not heat resistant. As a result, you put your health at risk and waste money on products that don’t last.

First and foremost, silicone cooking utensils can help bring excitement back into your kitchen. The best silicone cooking utensils do not scratch, or melt.  In addition, they are also very easy to clean.

We have done our homework and reviewed some of the best silicone cooking utensils on the market.  Let’s get started!

The Top 5 Best Silicone Cooking Utensils

1. Colorful Silicone Kitchen Utensils by Bestzmwk

Looking for something that stands out from the crowd?  Then this set of utensils delivers with a beautiful multicolored palate that will brighten your kitchen and put a smile on your face.

This high-quality silicone utensil set includes 11 pieces.  Made from high quality food grade silicone, BPA free, are heat resistant and durable.

These utensils are easy to clean and store.  If you’re not a big fan of washing dishes by hand, these utensils can be rinsed and thrown into the dishwasher.  Yes, dishwasher safe and easy to clean!


Name of Set: Kitchen Utensil Set

Set Includes: 11 Pieces

List pieces: 1 Pasta Fork, 1 Brush, 1 Tongs, 1 Spoon, 1 Slotted Spoon, 1 Large Spatula, 1 Slotted Turner, 1 Ladle, 1 Baking Spoonula,1 Whisk, 1 Small Spatula 


– They come in a variety of fun colors

– They are sturdy but soft enough to use on non-stick pan

– The smooth design does not trap food

– Very easy to use and care for


– The utensils come with small holes to hang, they do not come with hooks or storage container

– Interesting enough, they are smaller than other utensils we reviewed

– Rounded edges make it difficult to flip certain foods

Product Details

Material: Pure Silicone

Quantity: 11 pieces

Heat Resistant: 480℉ 


Looking for a colorful, fun and functional set of silicone cooking utensils this should be your option.  Adding a splash of color will even excite the kids and help get them involved with cooking.

2. ADINC Stainless Steel Handle Kitchen Utensils

If you’re looking for a silicone cooking utensil set that comes with everything you could ever possibly need then this is your set. As a result, you pretty much get every tool you will ever need when it comes to cooking utensils.

The ADINC Stainless Steel Handle Kitchen Utensils set is made of highly durable, food-grade safe materials. That means no rust, no breaking, no bending, and no melting. 

The set comes with two storage options.  The first option is a sturdy container that holds all the utensils. The second option is to use the hooks that come with the set, to hang your utensils. In conclusion, if you value getting a lot of value for your money, this is your set.  


Name of set: ADINC Kitchen Utensil Set

Set Includes: 30 Pieces

Pieces: Whisk, Egg Separator, Basting Brush, Solid Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Large Slotted Spatula, Kitchen Tongs, Rubber Spatula, Pasta Server, Slotted Skimmer, Solid Turner, Slotted Turner, Deep Soup Ladle, Spoon Rest, Kitchen Utensil Holder, 5 Measuring Spoons, 10 S-shaped Hooks


– Complete set, everything you need for your kitchen

– Very good quality, and easy to clean

– Comes with a container and hooks that hold the utensils

– Sleek design with black and stainless-steel design


– Some reviewers thought the design was a bit bulky

– The kitchen tongs are made for smaller foods

Product Details

Material: Silicone and Stainless-steel Utensils

Quantity: 30

Heat Resistant: -40℉ to 480℉


This large complete set of silicone cooking utensils makes the perfect gift and will complete any kitchen. The set is high quality and very nicely designed. As a result, this set should be considered if you want to get a lot of great tools for your money.  

3. NexGadget Silicone Cooking Utensils with Wooden Handles

This set really stands out with its unique look of silicone and wood.  While the set isn’t as complete as the ADINC Stainless Steel set it comes with the most commonly used tools.

With a combination of silicon and wood, this beautiful set blends well with farmhouse style kitchens. Here’s what we like and dislike about this great set.


Name of set: NexGadget Silicone Cooking Utensils with Wooden Handle Set

Includes:  7 Pieces

Pieces: Solid Serving Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Slotted Kitchen Turner, Baking Spatula, Pasta Server, Tongs, Silicone Scrubber


– Comes with a silicone scrubber which makes cleaning non-stick cookware quick and easy

– Nice wood design goes well with farmhouse style kitchens

– Good value for the money


– Hand washing is recommended because the handles are made of wood

– The set comes with two slotted utensils which were less sturdy than the non-slotted utensils

– The handles are short, therefore may not be your best option for large pots

Product Details

Material: Silicone and Acacia Wood

Quantity: 7 Pieces

Heat Resistant: -30℃/-86℉~230℃/446℉.


This set should serve you well if you like the silicone wood look. Despite the extra care needed to clean the utensils, they actually hold up well. 

4. Godmorn Silicone & Stainless-Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

These beautiful utensils were designed to be tough, with stainless-steel handles they won’t rust, discolor or bend.  In addition, the handles are made of a continuous tube of steel which blocks out bacteria and other harmful items.

The soft silicone heads of the utensils are soft and won’t scratch the surface of your non-stick cookware.

This set makes storage easy, with two ways to store. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, choose hanging or the countertop utensil holder. 


Name of set: Godmorn Silicone & Stainless-Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Set Includes: 19 Pieces

Pieces: Slotted Turner, Skimmer, Tongs, Serving Spoon, Pasta Server, Deep Ladle, Brush, Spatula, Whisk, Peeler, 3 in 1 kitchen Scissors, 5 Measuring Spoons, 2 Silicone Oven Mitts, Storage Holder


– The spatula and pastry brush can be taken apart to make cleaning easier

– Large set that includes just about everything you need and is a great way to stock a new kitchen with essential utensils

– Really easy to grip the handles and easy to clean


– The container that comes with the set is a bit smaller than it appears

– The measuring spoons are in grams which can be difficult for customers in the US

– The color of the set is very nice, however may be slightly different than pictured

Product Details

Material: BPA free, food grade silicone

Quantity: 19

Heat Resistant: -22°F up to 446°F


In conclusion, if you like options with storage this is your set of utensils because it gives you two. This is a really great well designed set of silicone cooking utensils.

5. Remihof Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set

The Remihof set is number five on our list.  We love this set because it makes matching the style of your kitchen so much easier because it comes in three different color options.

The Remihof set is made of durable silicone and stain-less steel. As a result, it will not rust, bend, or break like wood, metal, or plastic utensils. 

Like other sets listed on our best of list, these utensils are safe for non-stick cookware, stain resistant, and very good quality.  Did we mention they come in a pretty box?


Name of set: Remihof Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set

Set Includes:  6 or 9 Piece

Pieces: Spaghetti Server, Cooking Spoon, Slotted Kitchen Turner, Soup Ladle, Strainer / Skimmer, Spatula, and Food Tong, Chromed Holder, Whisk


– These kitchen utensils are dishwasher safe which means you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your delicious food

– While the handle is stainless-steel, both ends of the utensils are silicon which makes it perfect for resting on top of a hot pot by way of the small notch designed to do just that

– Very well designed and come in a very nice box which makes a great gift idea.


– The spatula seemed a bit too narrow

– When they utensils first arrive, there may be an odor, but it disappears after a few runs through the dishwasher

– The handles are a little longer than other products which wells with larger pot

Product Details

Material: BPA-free silicone

Quantity: 6 or 9 Piece sets available

Heat Resistant: up to 210 ºC (410 ºF)


Clearly, this set stands out above the rest just based on appearance and is the best option if you are giving it as a gift.  The all-in-one modern non stick kitchen utensils will suit any kitchen.

What Are The Best Silicone Cooking Utensils and Why Do You Need a Set?

We love kitchen tools and gadgets.

Kitchen utensils are made from different types of materials like wood, stainless steel, plastic and aluminum.  Silicone comes from a man-made compound that can be used for many items we use today.

Silicone cooking utensils have many benefits. For example, they won’t scratch your pots and pans, are heat resistant, won’t stain, easy to wash, and come in a variety of styles and colors. If you don’t already own a set, you should get one.

Different Types of Silicone Cooking Utensils

Silicone Cooking Utensil Set with Wood Handle​

Silicone cooking utensils with wood handles have a luxurious look and feel.  It should be noted, the downside to wood handles is they need to be washed by hand which isn’t a big deal if you’re already hand washing your nonstick cookware. 

Silicone and wood cooking utensils will give a farmhouse feel to your kitchen.  In addition, they will last for a long time if you care for them properly.

Silicone Cooking Utensil Set with Stainless Steel Handle

Not only do black cooking utensils look sleek, they are also very strong.  The handles are reinforced with stainless steel, as a result the handles are durable and built to last. 

Most stainless steel handled cooking utensils have silicone at both ends, which allows for a great design while maintaining solid durability.

Colorful Silicone Cooking Utensil Sets​

Colored silicone utensils can brighten up even the dullest kitchens and naturally invite kids in the kitchen to help. 

While the handles are made of stainless steel, the entire outside of the utensils are covered in silicone so they have the same desirable properties of other silicone sets.

6 Benefits of Using Silicone Cooking Utensils

There are many benefits of using Silicone Cooking Utensils and making our life easier is one of the main ones, but let’s take a look at all the benefits of using silicone utensils.

1.    Silicone utensils are flexible and have non-stick surfaces, which means they won’t scratch your cookware.

2.    They have a slight bend to them which makes getting in hard to reach spots a little easier.  For example, extracting cakes and muffins are now much easier to do. 

3.    The best silicone utensils are very easy to clean because food does not stick to them and baked on food is very easy to remove.  They can be hand washed or thrown in the dishwasher.

4.    Silicone cooking utensils can withstand very high heat.  As a result, you don’t have to worry about leaving your utensil in the pot while cooking because they won’t melt. Most manufacturers say their products claim heat resistance up to 480 degrees.

5.    If you love clean looking utensils, you will love that silicone utensils are stain resistant.  One of the characteristics of silicone is its non-porous so it does not retain colors or odors.  Say goodbye to tomato sauce stains on your spoons and spatulas. 

6.    Silicone cooking utensils are hard and non-corrosive so they can be used for all types of foods.  They won’t react and corrode if used with certain types of foods that contain acid

3 Things to Look for In A Silicone Cooking Utensil Set

Kitchen tools and utensils have been made from wood, plastic, stainless steel and aluminum for many years. In recent years, a new material, silicone, has taken over the market.  You may have several questions about what makes a silicone kitchen tool more advantageous.  So, let’s take a look at what you should be looking for in a good silicone utensil set.

1.    Silicone cooking utensils can withstand a higher heat than wood, plastic, or aluminum. Some manufacturers claim heat resistance up to 600 degrees, but most fall in the 400 to 480-degree range.

2.     Some silicone utensils, which are usually made with silicon and wood, must be washed by hand.  If you love your dishwasher more than I do, make sure you look for a set that can be put in the dishwasher.

3.    Consider how you plan to use these tools; some are softer and cannot be used for tougher jobs like breaking up meat.  You should buy quality tools with durable handles that can handle your needs.


In conclusion, if you are tired of unhygienic kitchen cooking utensils that warp, melt or flake into your food, you have to try silicone cooking utensils.  Silicone cooking utensils are the newest and best quality on the market today.  Each set reviewed has its own set of pros and cons, finding the right set listed will satisfy all your cooking and baking needs.

Therefore, silicone cooking utensils are designed to last for years. Let us know in the comments which set you decided to go for.