Can an Instant Pot Explode?

Instant Pot Explosion
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Yes. All pressure cookers, which includes Instant Pot, can explode if they are used incorrectly or have a defect. Explosions can cause big messes, severe burns and serious injuries.

There a few reasons why an Instant Pot might explode including: manufacturing defects, vents clogging, opening the lid too soon, and not adding enough water.

Let’s walk through each of these reasons in more detail to keep your family safe and avoid an Instant Pot exploding in your home.

Can the Instant Pot Explode?

Unfortunately, pressure cookers can explode. Despite having several safety features, Instant Pot explosions do happen. The safety features help reduce the risk of an Instant Pot exploding, but they do not eliminate the risk.

Following safety tips can help avoid a kitchen disaster and bodily injury. Explosions can happen quickly, which is why you should be familiar with reasons why Instant Pot explode. Lets take a look in more detail at the reasons why an Instant Pot explodes.

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect occurs when a safety feature fails. Most of the time, the pressure cooker becomes defective by mistakes made during the productions process. Manufacturing defects may also occur from a poor design where parts don’t fit correctly. For example, faulty locks, lids, vents and gaskets would all fall under manufacturing defects.

Opening a Lid Too Soon

Pressure cookers can reach extremely high temperatures up to 250ºF, which is 40º hotter than boiling water. If you open the lid too soon, boiling hot food will be propelled all over your kitchen causing harm to anyone in its way.

To help protect and prevent explosions, there is a safety lock for the lid. The safety lid lock prevents you from accidentally opening the pressure cooker when it’s still pressurized. Most cookers also have a sensor on the lid that senses whether or not the lids is working properly. If it is not working properly, the monitor will indicate that it is unsafe to use.

Clogged Vents

Instant Pots have vents that allow steam to escape. If those vents become clogged, your pressure cooker could explode. Most pressure cookers come with an anti-blockage vent safety feature. The anti-blockage vent prevents food from blocking the vent. As a result, if steam gets trapped it can cause too much pressure and an explosion.

Not Adding Enough Water

It important to add at least one cup of liquid to an Instant Pot to avoid explosions. If there isn’t enough liquid, the food could burn, pressure will not build correctly or it could cause an explosion.

How likely is it for a pressure cooker to explode?

Pressure cookers have been around for decades. However, pressure cookers today have up to ten built in safety features that help prevent explosions. As a result, it is unlikely that a pressure cooker will explode if used according to the manufacturers instructions. The safety features are designed to stop the machine or reduce pressure if it is determined that the pressure cooker is not operating properly.

What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a kitchen appliance that combines heat and steam to create pressure to cook food quickly. A a result, it safes time and make very good tasting meals. Pressure cookers have been around for many years.

Many people like pressure cookers because they require less cooking time than other cooking methods. Pressure cookers can reach extremely high temperatures up to 250ºF, which is 40º hotter than boiling water. The steam and these high temperatures can be really dangerous if not used properly.

Why is my Instant Pot making noise?

It is normal for pressure cookers to make a hissing noise. Pressure cooker have many safety features that prevent it from exploding. Instant Pots make noise which comes from a safety release valve.  The safety release valve releases pressure by opening and closing when it senses too much pressure. When the safety release valve opens to release excess pressure, the hissing sound can be heard. The wobbler on the lid may also rattle a bit. So if your Instant Pot is making noise that is completely normal.

Is the Instant Pot dangerous?

Instant Pots are not dangerous if used correctly. In fact, Instant Pots have many different safety features to help prevent explosions. Lets take a look at each safety feature.

  • Pressure Regulator Protection: The pressure regulator protection make sure pressure doesn’t go too high. It keeps the pressure in a safe range in order to avoid an explosion.
  • Anti-Blockage Vent: The anti-blockage vent which is also known as the anti-clog protection, prevents food from blocking the vent. If the vents get clogged, they could could trap steam and cause pressure to build and get too high.
  • Excess Pressure Protection: If the pressure regulator protection fails, or the pressure inside is over capacity, an Instant Pot will drop pressure and disconnect from the sealing ring in order for it to release any excess pressure.
  • Safety Indicator & Lid Lock: The safety indicator and lid lock prevents someone from accidentally opening an Instant Pot when it is still pressurized. There is also a sensor on the lid that monitors the lid. If it is leaking, or if it is in an unsafe position for cooking, it will shut down.
  • Automatic Pressure Control: The automatic pressure control helps to control pressure to make sure it is steady and controlled.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: The Instant Pot has an automatic temperature control regulator. It can adjust the temperature depending on what type of food is being cooked. This feature also that helps avoid burning food. The real safety feature here though is if the internal temperature exceeds safety limits, a fuse will reset and cut off power.
  • Resetting Fuse: If a sensor fails or the temperature inside rises too high, the fuse on the bottom of the Instant Pot will cut all power off.

Pressure Cooker Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re new to pressure cooking or just got an Instant Pot, there are a few things you should learn before you get started. Lets take a look at a few do’s and don’ts for this popular kitchen gadget.

Do a water test to make sure your cooker is working properlyDon’t use without first reading the instructions
Do a quick pressure release.Fill the cooker over 2/3 full of food
Use the sauté button the same as you would do on a stovetop with a skilletPlace a towel over the pressure release valve
Make sure the inner silicon sealing ring is in place before each useDon’t use without adding the recommended one cup of water or other liquid
If you are unsure of what to do, always read the instructionsDon’t place your pressure cooker under cabinets or on the stove top

Is it safe to leave Instant Pot on overnight?

Instant Pots are similar to Crock Pots in that they are designed to be set and forget for the machine does the cooking. Instant Pots come with many safety features. One of those safety features is a keep warm mode. The keep warm mode will be activated once the cooking is done. As a result, you can cook food overnight and it will be warm in the morning.

Instant Pots, like Crock Pots, are designed to cook unattended. As with all kitchen gadgets, make sure you read the owners manual before attempting to leave it overnight. It is also a good idea to try it a few times to make sure you’re familiar with the recipe and the cooking time for it.

Is an Instant Pot safe?

Yes, Instant Pots are safe. Many people fear Instant Pots because they think they may explode. As we discussed, the likihood of it exploding is pretty small if you use it correctly. Instant Pots have a number of safety features built in to ensure they aren’t dangerous and don’t explode in your kitchen.


Pressure cookers, specifically Instant Pots, are a great addition to any kitchen because they cook so quickly. Many home chefs like pressure cookers because they require less cooking time than other cooking methods.

Pressure cookers can reach extremely high temperatures up to 250ºF, which is 40º hotter than boiling water. The steam and these high temperatures can be really dangerous if not used properly. If used properly, Instant Pots can be very safe.

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