How to Heat Milk in Microwave

By: Olivia Taylor

microwave milk
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How To Heat Milk In Microwave

Regardless of the method you use to heat milk, it is always important to heat it slowly. The great thing about using a microwave is it allows you to start and stop without much effort. This is great because if you rush the process, you could end up with a huge mess in your microwave.

The process to heat milk in a microwave is simple, if you follow the steps below. While this process may take a bit longer, it will produce great results without scorched milk and a huge mess to clean up.

  1. Step one is to pour the milk into a microwave safe cup or container. If you wish to make hot chocolate, you need to leave about an inch at the top to allow for additional ingredients.
  2. The next step is to put the milk into the microwave, and set the microwave to medium power for 15 seconds.
  3. After the timer goes off, carefully remove the container and slowly stir the milk.
  4. Repeat step two, put the milk into the microwave, and set the microwave to medium power for 15 seconds.
  5. Continue this process until you see steam coming from your milk

How Long Does It Take To Microwave Milk?

If you follow the steps above, it should take approximately one minute to heat milk in a microwave. It is important to remove your milk every fifteen second to prevent it from forming a film on top. Not only does this prevent overheating, it also prevents scorching.

How to Warm Up Milk – 2 ways

Whether you’re warming a cup of milk for hot chocolate or for a recipe, the best way to warm up milk is the same: slow and gentle. There are basically two ways to warm up milk: on the stove top or in the microwave.

Regardless of the method used to warm up milk, you always want to to heat it slowly so it doesn’t scorch. Quick and excessive heat can result in scorched milk. Not only will it taste bad, it may also cause a big mess in your kitchen. You can avoid these problems by using one of the methods below.

On the stove

If you choose to use the stove top method, the best way to heat milk is with a double boiler. If you don’t have a double-boiler you can make your own. Put the milk in a heat proof bowl and place that bowl over a saucepan that is filled about half way with water. Put the double boiler on your stove top on medium heat and bring the water to a simmer. Meanwhile, don’t forget to stir the milk frequently. Once the milk begins to steam, take it off the heat.

You can also warm milk directly in a saucepan on your stove top. As with all methods, make sure you stir often to prevent it from forming a film that traps in heat.

In the microwave

The microwave method is a little quicker than the stove top. Simply pour your milk into a microwave-safe container and microwave on medium power, which is about 70% for fifteen seconds. After the timer goes off, stir your milk. Continue heating for fifteen seconds and stirring until your milk steams. This should take about one minute to complete.

Warming Milk in Microwave – Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe to microwave milk. However, there are two things you want to watch out for: the milk developing a film or layer on top of it, and scorching the milk.

The reason milk would develop a layer of film on top it is because it was not stirred during the heating process. The layer can be removed, and the taste may be slightly altered. However, the main reason you don’t want a layer to develop is because it will trap heat and explode if it gets too hot.

In addition, milk can get really hot in a microwave and hot milk can burn you. Always treat milk with care and take precautions when warming it in a microwave.

How long do you microwave milk for hot chocolate?

The time you heat milk for depends on how you intend to use it. If you want room temperature milk it will take about 45 seconds. If you want to heat milk for hot chocolate, it will take a little closer to 60-90 seconds.

How Long to Warm Milk in Microwave for Yeast?

Generally speaking, when it comes to heating milk scalding it is a bad thing. However, there are times you may want to heat milk to a scalding. For example, certain recipes call for scalded milk.

When making dough and bread, scalding is beneficial to killing off enzymes that prevent dough from rising. The steps to scald milk are simple and should take about two to two and a half minutes in the microwave.

How to Scald Milk

  1. Start by choosing your favorite stainless steel pot with a heavy bottom. You want to make sure your milk heats evenly without burning.
  2. Turn the burner on to medium heat. The key to scalding milk is to heat without burning. As a result, you want the milk to heat to the point right before it starts to fully boil.
  3. Your milk is ready when you see a film form across the top of the milk. To confirm your milk is done, read the temperature with a thermometer. Milk scalds at 170 degrees.
  4. Remove the milk from the stove and allow it to cool until it reaches 110 degrees.

If you prefer to use the microwave, simply pour the milk into a microwave safe container and microwave on medium power, which is about 70% for about two minutes. You’ll know its done when a film covers the top of the milk.

How to Heat Up Milk for Coffee

Making frothy milk at home in the microwave is easy and only take two steps. You’ll need a microwave safe container with a lid or a mason jar. Start by pouring your milk in the container or jar. Nonfat and two percent milk works best.

Next, put the lid on the jar and shake it until the milk becomes frothy. Then, remove the lid and put it in the microwave for thirty seconds. The milk is then ready to be added to your coffee. The frothy foam will only last a few minutes, but it will definitely be a great addition to your morning coffee.

How To Heat Milk In Microwave For Babies

There is a debate about whether or not you should heat breast milk in a microwave for babies. The reason why people say you should not warm breast milk in the microwave is because it can kill nutrients. In addition, the milk could form hot spots and burn the babies mouth.

Nutrients will not be destroyed if you are simply warming the milk. Milk would have to heated for a long amount of time before it would destroy nutrients. So what’s the best way to warm milk in a microwave for babies? Keep reading to learn the simple method.

Start with a microwave safe measuring cup or narrow bowl. Fill the measuring cup about half way. You don’t want to fill it completely because eventually you will put the bottle in the cup with water.

Next, warm the water in the microwave for two minutes. Take the water out of the microwave and put the bottle of milk in it. Swirl the bottle around for about one minute. Check the temperature to make sure it’s not too hot, and there you go.

Boiling Milk Temperature

The boiling temperature of cow’s milk is around 203°F. Most people who are concerned about bacteria think they have to boil milk to prevent illnesses. That is not true if you buy commercially produced dairy milk in the United States. Commercial milk is heated during the production process to kill off any harmful bacteria or pathogens.

However, if for some reason you have raw unpasteurized milk, you should heat it to near boiling point to make sure bacteria is reduced.

Can you overheat milk?

Yes, you can overheat milk. If you overheat milk, one of two things will happen. The milk will form a bad protein film on the top, it will taste horrible, and it can scorch the bottom of your pan or container. Regardless of the whether you’re heating it in a microwave or stove top you need to be careful.

Scorched milk is bad tasting and shouldn’t be used. You might be tempted to stir in the film that formed, but don’t do it. It will change the texture of the milk. In addition, over heating milk will make it more watery.

It is always recommended to heat your milk slowly and stir frequently to avoid over heating and a film on top. After all, you’ve worked hard to heat your milk, you want it to taste as good as possible.

The Best Way To Boil Milk

The best way to boil milk is is slow and steady. The process is simple, but does require constant attention. If you bring milk to a boil too quickly, it can start to curdle. Scorching can cause the damage to the bottom of your pan and a film to form on top of it.

The best way to boil milk is over medium heat on the stove top. Stir frequently while it is coming to a boil. This will prevent a film from forming on top. Stirring will also help keep the properties of the milk together.

After removing your milk from the heat source, continue to stir it. Stirring will prevent it from forming a film on top, even though it has already been removed from the heat source. If your milk does form a film it’s not the end of the world. Simply remove it and throw it out.

Why does milk explode in microwave?

Milk explodes when you microwave it and don’t stir it. When milk is heated to a level it boils, it will form a film on top. If you don’t stop periodically to stir the milk, it can explode in the microwave. To avoid milk exploding, take it out of the microwave every fifteen seconds to let the steam escape.


It is always important to heat milk in microwave slowly. The great thing about using a microwave is it allows you to start and stop without much effort. What is your favorite way to use microwaved milk?